Sunday, March 21, 2010

Update : Knee ~Hi the cat

I am sitting here with Knee ~ Hi
as she repeatedly has the dry heaves.
Except they are not dry, rather she
throws up foam.

To say her chemo is not going well is an


I have taken her back to the vet twice in two
days and tomorrow is Sunday. Every time she
smells food she starts to throw up.

He did a complete blood count (CBC)
on her today and the numbers all looked
good except potassium (She won't eat) and her liver
was a little high. But considering the assault
to her system it is not unusual.

They had to give her Sub Q fluids twice and
she does better but this is worrisome.
I have not gotten much sleep as it is
because it is like having a very young sick
child in the house... again.

I hear every noise she makes and if I am asleep it
wakes me up.
But I can't really help her.

So please say a prayer for her that she gets
through this faze and is finally cured.
It's not too much to ask for one small
cat is it?
I am almost beside myself now
and don't know if I have done the right
It is always so easy to second guess
yourself when things aren't going right.
Why does this stuff always happen
on the week-end late at night?
The vet said I could call so I will in the morning
maybe I can give her something.

Do cats drink Ginger Ale?

It could be a solution!!!

Thanks for looking You all mean the world to me
and I appreciate your comments.
Take care and God Bless ~


  1. Sending up a little prayer that your sweet kitty will feel better. Even though Sophie and Gracie would rather chase her up a tree than cuddle with her, they send their good wishes, too!

  2. Hope Knee-Hi gets better soon. Not sure that ginger ale is a good idea for cats. You might want to ask your vet first :)

  3. Lenna, I'm so sorry, such a sweet little cat. Sending hugs and prayers to you both.

  4. Again, my eyes are filled with tears and my heart breaks for you. Deciding how to treat, or not, has probably been through your mind hundreds of times. I don't know if you are a praying person but I want you to know I will pray right now that your and your vet have wisdom on how to help your precious one feel better. God cares about our pets. I truly believe that.

  5. Sending hopes that the light of day on Sunday brings comfort for you and Knee. You did what thought best with the information you had and that's all we can do. After te meds she will begin to feel better, it just takes some time. Hugs to you both.

  6. Lenna, I am so sorry about Knee Hi. Prayers and hugs. Little Alex the puppy dog is old and deaf. What do you do with a deaf dog and cat? She now barks at me when she needs something, I guess because that is the only sound she can hear.
    Thanks for the kind comments. I miss you too, dear friend!

  7. Dear Lenna, I cry as I read of poor Knee-Hi's plight. My heart breaks for you both. Prayers do help and mine are with you both.

  8. My heart is crying out for your kitty. I feel your pain and anguish over not being able to help much. Just know that by you being there for her is comforting to her. Keep in mind that like humans, when we aren't up to par we won't eat either, so too are our pets. Just keep the fluids in her as best as possible until this round is through her system. I have used a syringe or even a straw to push water/milk in my kitties in the past with a little success.


  9. I'm sending a prayer to your poor kitty. What an awful thing to go through. I don't know if ginger ale would help her - I guess it would be something to try. I hope that she makes it though all of this with flying colors.

  10. So sorry to hear about your Knee-Hi. Hopefully, this will pass and you'll have your baby back. Keeping you in thought and prayer.