Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kimono Pagoda View

This is the progress I have made tonight.

The bottom set of leaves, you see
it's a tree, was off by one stitch.

The dirty rotten FROG had payed
me a visit. I discovered it when
I was 15 rows into the leaf.

What took me hours to stitch
was pulled out in about 10 minutes!!!

Tonight I put it all back then proceeded
to put the mountain in wrong. I corrected
my mistake and have it back in now.
Thus the late hour!!!

Like I said in the first post ~
I would not ever stitch this for me.
Tonight proves it to me for sure!

Plus the kit was minus one skien
of floss and I have to order
it because it is Anchor.
Of course, I have already
needed that color which is
how I found out it was not

It's a good thing Lois of Nedlewerkes
is so close and so nice to send
me what I need so quickly!

I am planning to post my other
needleworks I have almost
finished, since I missed
posting them in the UFO/WIP ~
which was Monday. I will
have to catch them next

Thanks for stopping by my good,
faithful followers, I appreciate
it so much. Your kind words
help me keep doing this
pasttime I truely

  1. God Bless Your Stitching Fingers ~


  1. Oh, Lenna, I'm so sorry you had a visit from the frog. Still, at least it didn't take you hours to pick it back out!! It's looking good though, so keep up the good work!!

  2. Very lovely stitching! Grandson is a cutie pie!

  3. Hi Lenna,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and the lovely comment you left for me.
    It's so discouraging to spend ages stitching something only to have to rip it out. Still, you are back on track and it looks as though it will be a very pretty piece.
    Your little grandson is adorable.

  4. Those darn frogs, what pests they are lol.
    Your stitching looks beautiful!

  5. I bet you have even more done on your piece now and I'd love to see another picture. I just finished "GiGi" for a sweet young lady. Nothing like I would stitch for myself, but I really enjoyed the stitch. Would I do another GiGi? Not even! LOL

    Your grandson is so cute. What blessings the grands are for sure.

    Love your blog Lenna, and I'm your newest member! Keep up the good work.

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