Wednesday, October 21, 2009

TUSAL . . .

Here I am again with my TUSAL!
On the left is the Sail Away sampler where I
got most of my threads this month.

I had to frog out the second part of the poem 6
different times before I finally
got it RIGHT!!!

I also have some red dragon threads in the jar.
It's a finish!

I also did some Halloween motifs. HOWL and one
I have had around since I first started
stitching in 1982. I had looked at it every
month for years and decided
this would be the year I finally
stitched it up.

Curly Q Ewe
was one I did some frogging on ~ the Ewe's head
came out three times before
I got the color right.

I did a name tag that reads ~ No magic until
I've had my coffee. It is on the bright
green fabric and the cat has on a witch hat.
It turned out so cute.
I also stitched three ornaments for
Breast Cancer Awareness.
One for my aunt,
my cousin, Jean Ann
who both
died from breast cancer.
Both because
they did not go back to the doctor
like they were supposed to.

The third was for my good friend Bob,
who did
survive breast cancer. I am sure glad he
did, too, he is a great friend.

I also have tags, from the tissue paper
that my goodies were wrapped
in that I got from The Silver Needle.
Old broken needles, threads from some
fabrics, silks, cottons, over dyes and sparkly
ones, too.

Oh, and that spooky glow-in-the-dark thread that I used
on some of the Halloween ones.

So that is all that I have done this month.
Thanks for coming by ~

Appreciate it so much.

God Bless ~


  1. Oh, I hate when I can't get something right and have to redo it several times. SA is looking great though as is everything else!

  2. I am so glad you spoke of Bob. Men always seem to get forgotten about tin the fight against breast.Good for you. I love that you posted for tusal I wish I could post but batteries for camera. hopefully this week. You have some very nice things going on here.

  3. Nice WIP's going on - great TUSAL jar. :)

  4. Very nice stitching!!. Have a nice weekend.

  5. I like the thought of your Halloween items. The gift tag really hits the spot. Look forward to more pics.

  6. Even with all that frogging, you have done an amazing job getting so much done!! Good job! and beautiful stitching:)

  7. Sorry the frogs have gotten you! The stitching looks great regardless!