Saturday, June 20, 2009

Two seriously crazy cats ~

Here are my two cats. First is Jade, the Siamese, 18 years old. At first we called her Skitty Kitty cause she was just that, afraid of everything. She looks pretty ragged now and has a slight tremor to her head. She has taken up meowing at night and wakes you up, as if I was sleeping. You tell her to be quiet, or to shut up, if you get desperate enough and she does one more soft meow and then is quiet for a little while. Then she will get a wild hair and run through the house like a crazy cat. Yes, she is just that ~ CRAZY!!!
Now comes Knee-Hi she got her name because she has white fur up to her knees, as if a cat had a knee, thus Knee-Hi. She is about 9 years old and she loves to get on the table, especially if my mom is writing checks. We have to constantly yell at her to get down! One day last week my mom called me at work and Knee-Hi had gotten up on the second shelf of the hutch and she could not get down. She was STUCK!!! My mom could not get her down either. I left work, I only live 1 and 1/2 miles away, and got her down. It is always a joy to be around these two nuts! I love my cats and can't begin to know what it would feel like to not have them around.
I just wish Fleabag, my first Siamese, was still here.
I had better close now it is late.
God Bless ~

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