Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Greatest Cat Ever. . .

was Fleabag! He was sweet, gentle, gave certain people love bites, and he was crossed eyed. It didn't seem to slow him down one bit. He was very sparing with his love bites, Debbie, my sister, Tris, Gary, my sons and I were the recipients. ***It seems my daughter, Heather, was also one who got love bites and head butts ~ who knew? Sorry Heather it seems Mother is getting old! He was a well loved cat in this family and has been missed by us all very deeply!***
One day when Debbie came to visit, Fleabag ran into the house, made a beeline for her, jumped on her lap and gave her a head butt and a love bite. He then jumped down and was on his way again.
This is the first big piece I did in 1982. I did it in honor of Fleabag ~ the greatest Siamese cat who ever lived. I had to put him to sleep in 98 and i will always miss him. This took me two weeks to stitch. It is done on 14 count Aida and I built the frame and my friend at the time cut the mats and framed it. She ran a frame shop and I was her frame builder.

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  1. I LOVE your cat stitching! My cat also likes to give me love bites & head butts. LOL He looks like a Russian Blue, but isn't a pedigree. What a lovely reminder of your furbaby.
    Barb in TX