Saturday, June 20, 2009

Little Miss Muffet sat on her . . .

tuffet! Or biscornu, if you prefer. In America they are called biscornu's but in England and places across the water they are called tuffets or little pillows.
I got the smallest pattern from Auntie's Attic and next to it also.
I stitched the big one with Dinky Dyes silk called Arlie and Whitsunday. The littlest one was stitched with WDW Confetti. Now to the biggest one, it is a Barbara Ana pattern and it has been put together once but I accidentally dropped my glass of passion tea in the tote bag I was carrying and it got soaked with pink tea. So I rinsed it out with cold water and washed it with liquid hand soap. When it dried it was all wrinkled so I took it apart and washed and ironed it again. I have not put it back together yet. Fact is, I misplaced it after I took the picture. Not to worry it is still here!!! Among all my stash!
The little one looks like it would be hard to put together but is was a snap. They are easy, quick and very easy to put together and stuff. Sew on a cute button ~ finished!
Thanks for looking ~


  1. Love all the biscornus.Very pretty

  2. Just love the biscornus - and all the rest of your work too!

  3. Lovely biscornus, Lenna. Nice work!
    Barb in TX