Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rabbits and Birds. . .

being conducted by the snowman complete with baton and musical notes! I finished adding all the white to the snowman body and added white to scarf and birds hats. Backstitched one bird and did the musical notes and backstitched them.
I just have the rest of the snowman, scarf, rabbits, the other two birds and all of the snowflakes, in the sky, to be backstitched. Then I have to tie all the tassels on the scarf and I will be done at last. The biggest part I had left to do was the snowman's body and that is history!
YEA!!! Got the house cleaned and only have 3 rooms left to vacuum and one hallway.
I am off Sunday and Monday and with the house clean maybe I can get some stitching done. Need to stitch on the Seaside Sweethearts and Grand Canyon so I can get them done. Sorry still no picture.
I have about 6 or 8 finishes done and I need to post them.

Good Night and God Bless ~

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