Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen ~~~

Here is a Celtic design I stitched for my kids for Christmas. I put this on top of a little bit bigger piece of wool felt.
At Christmas my youngest son, Tris, decided it was a coaster instead of an ornament. I told him it was not a coaster. Later on that day he said Mom tonight when Gary and I get home we are going to sit down and have a beer together. You know what we are going to put our beers on? (See where this is going?) Those nice little coasters you gave us for Christmas! They kept it up the rest of the day. This one is for my daughter and I have to finish it by the 8th of July! She is living in Cape Town, South Africa now and I did not get it done for last years tree. She is coming home with my three grandchildren and her husband for 6 weeks.
I try and make them a Christmas ornament every year. Sometimes they use them for coasters! Funny guys. I love them all. Now I guess it is time you met them.

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  1. This is gorgeous - the set are on my 'to do' list after BoINK! This inspires me to maybe start BEFORE BoINK. Lovely work as always.