Sunday, June 21, 2009

Grand Canyon

Here are the two photos of the Grand Canyon ~ the top one is the first day of stitching. The bottom one is where I am now. After I had my second heart ablation done I decided I would stitch my doctor a cross stitch of the Grand Canyon. I have stitched one for my brother and it is stunning!
I stitched and framed my doctor a picture of a flying eagle after my first heart ablation and he loved it. I have never seen a man get so excited about a stitchery before. I think they should, but they seldom do.
Well, as you can see it quickly became a UFO and WIP. I do vow to get back to it soon though so I can give it to him.
It is one of the hardest one I have ever stitched because some of the colors are blended and you have no reference for what they will look like. I had to cross off what I had stitched the first time to keep track. It also has so many of the same colors. Not an easy piece but it does look so gorgeous when it is finished!
I have the mats and frame picked out for it and everything. I especially love the one picture where you can see the shadow of my spiky hair at the bottom.
I hope he will be as thrilled with this one as he was with the last.
Hope he is still breathing!
Please don't let me down Dr. Z!!!
God Bless ~

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