Saturday, June 20, 2009

Awesome Nativity

Now, I want to show you some awesome stitching! My little sister stitched this and was going to give it away. She stitched it on a purple/blue fabric from somewhere else and the threads from a kit. It was really hard to see the holes cause they were so tightly packed. She is also one of those people whose back looks as good as her front.
My twin brother and I talked her into keeping it in the family. She didn't need much encouragement, thank God! She then decided to let my brother take it home for 3 months. Then she will take it home for three months. Come November she is bringing it back and my mom and I get it over Christmas and all of January. Pretty cool ~huh?
MY brother could not stop looking at it when he was home that weekend. He was and is just amazed by the blending of the colors and the sparkles of the wings, halo's and Mary's veil.
I am a picture framer, and I stretched it, matted it, and framed it for her for her birthday. She went to Hobby Lobby, where I work, and picked out the mat and frame. We put museum glass on it and it looks like nothing is on it and it protects it forever from the UV rays.
I am very pleased how it turned out and how gorgeous it looks!!! This is a true heirloom and will be around a long time.
If she had known about it she would have done a Happy Dance all over her house. Way to go Debbie ~ Kudos!!!
God Bless ~

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  1. That is absolutely stunning. I would love to do this one some day.