Saturday, June 20, 2009

Name Tags My First Love ~

My very first love was the simple, expressive, cute name tag. I have been called "The Name Tag Queen" and this is the only Queen I will ever be. I have a shoe box full of my tags and have made scores for other people over the years.
I even made one for Ginny Morrow and she designed a square for me from a piece of fabric I wanted to use in her Seminar class she taught.
I love name tags cause you see a cute little picture, like this cute s'more, you won't want to frame, but lo and behold it will make a great name tag. I do the original image, add my name and then go crazy and just start stitching, soon I have the border done.
Voila ~ I have a finished picture and it is also a functional name tag. I love to use variegated thread for the borders!
The one below I stitched when I was still dying my hair red. I made the hair red to match mine but I have since let it grow out and it is now salt and pepper. Mine is short and it's mostly pepper!
My kids call me the Rooster! My youngest son, Tris, says he will not accept the fact that my hair is now natural. To him I will always be the Rooster. So I send hugs and pecks ~
Good Night and God Bless!

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