Friday, July 24, 2009

Tris ready or not . . .

here I come!
Today at work, I got a phone call. The old lady
asked if we do framing. I said yes then she asked if we
frame diploma's. I ask her what she wanted to frame.
All this time I was wondering is this Tris?
He often calls me and uses a different dialect!
I finally decided it was not him because it did sound
like an old lady.
Finally, in a sad old lady voice, she said I am framing
my diploma from the University in classical acting.
Then, I knew it was him.
He often times fools me until he laughs.
Then I know ~ it's him!

He ask if his old lady voice was good. I said like mine?
We both got a laugh then we talked about the plane
trip I am taking to see him receive his
Masters from George Washington University, Sunday!

Tomorrow night, after work, I am driving to Frisco, Tx.
to my oldest son's house to spend the night.
He is taking me to the airport in the morning.

I scared myself by visiting the website to read about
baggage, guns, swords, stitching supplies and food.
This flight is a non eating one unless you
wish to purchase something!

I think not!

Who are they kidding!?!
That is perfectly good stitching money. Which if we happen
upon a stitchery shop I will be stopping.
So beware my dear son! After all I will have packed all of
his stuff for the move to California. That deserves a stop
at a cross stitching shop. Doesn't IT?
It is safe to say all my kids loath stitching
I have done it so long!
They don't mind getting something stitched up
but let's not talk about it, please.

I have my stuff washed and ironed.
I just have to get this computer room
cleaned up so my sister can sleep here this week end.
I actually have to put my clothes in the bags, too.
So I must close and go to sleep.
God Bless all and I will try and post something while I am gone.


  1. Have fun this weekend! And be safe :)

  2. Thanks Chrizette I plan to have the best time ever. I am so excited to see him. It has been too long since we have spent any time together.
    Tris graduates Sunday and we attend a swimming party after the ceremony. No! I will not be wearing a swimming suite. Thanks anyway!
    Then I pack his stuff up and we put it on the truck. We take his girlfriend back home in the Hamptons. We drive back after spending the day at the beach. Do i get to stitch in a chair and look at the sea? Please? Wouldn't that be heaven?
    Do you ever go to the beach there and stitch? It would be so fun!
    We come back to D. C. and pack up his car and hit the road for Dallas. We are going to stop in Virginia for the night. Do I get to stitch yet?
    Then we get up and head for Dallas again and stop in Memphis for the night? Do I get to stitch now?
    Final leg of the trip is the next day and hopefully we will get home sometime before dark. Can I stitch now?
    I have to return to work on the 3rd and it won't be any fun either. I hope to get to use his lap top and sorta keep up with the group.
    Take care and happy stitching. At least you will get to do some.
    Cheers ~
    God Bless ~

  3. Lenna please send me an e-mail at yoyo_9203 @ yahoo dot com and I'll tell you what you did wrong with the TUSAL button picture, why it won't link. Hugs yoyo

  4. Wow, what a full little holiday! It sounds like heaven!

  5. Hi Lenna, sorry for late reply to question left on my blog re putting a link behind apicture in a post. I can only do it in the sidebar so when you find out how to do it from Yoyo please email and left me know. Hope you had a good trip. I'm off tommorow. Stitching packed but not clothes yet!

  6. Hi Lenna! I am really looking forward to our SAL! Would you please email me your mailing address? I have a little something to get in the mail to you for our SAL! My email is


  7. Your family seems wonderful to me. I hope you will enjoy all of your adventures.

    To send you an official invite to the Plantation Sampler Manor Blog, I will need your e-mail address. Thank you.