Thursday, July 2, 2009

Looking for pattern of ballerinas. . .

Sometime ago when I was looking at the many blogs I came across one that had the cutest ballerinas. Each one was doing a step and the last one was laying down as though she had just fainted. All of their tuttis were different colors and they were fuzzy. One was green, pink, blue, red and the one laying down was purple.
Has anyone seen these patterns? I mean to buy so any help you could give me as to where I could buy them would be Great!
I worked on my Seaside Sweethearts again tonight. I got some done on her skirt but it is harder than the man's.
I am falling asleep at the puter so I had better go to bed!
God Bless ~

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  1. Heritage series.

    123 has 3 pattern books.... each is about 6.29.