Friday, July 10, 2009

This would be . . .

Crayon Duck !!!
He is very colorful, who wears flip flops,
a green visor and carries many colorful
crayons!!! Except he is a goose!
He is a Suzy Zoo design I stitched in 1984 probably.
I loved stitching him.
I lent my book
to someone and don't remember who.
Don't even remember the name of the book.
I never got the book back!
It is out of print now and if anybody knows
about it I would love to find another copy.
There were other ones I wanted to stitch.
I had the frame made especially for it.
My shop owner friend cut the mats for it
and it is another favorite of mine.
Is there any wonder? Isn't he the cutest?

Got to go and pack. Read the previous post and you
will find out where I am going!
Toodles all, God Bless ~


  1. I love that frame. IT's perfect for that finish.

  2. So cute and colourful! Hope you have a wonderful visit.

  3. He is so cute, would look fab in a childs bedroom.

  4. Having a good visit but it is too short. Tomorrow the whole family goes to visit
    Darren's sister in Cal for 10 days.
    Thanks for your kind words they are an inspiration and I appreciate it.
    God Bless ~