Friday, July 17, 2009

Seaside Sweethearts . . .

This is what I have been working on for the last two weeks.
This is one I did for my x-boyfriend some years ago.
We broke up shortly after I did it for him
so I asked him if he didn't want it to please give it back to me.
He usually throws things away at the dump.
He loads his little dump trailer up
and goes to the dump.
I could just picture my beautiful stitchery going there!
His reply was NO!
So . . .
I decided I would just stitch me one.
After all, I love the sea very much!!!
When we went to Galveston, and were in love,
we walked along the beach together just like this picture.
Happy memories!
I started it and worked on it for a long time.
Then I got interested in something else and it became a UFO! Fast!
I joined the blog ~ "Started This and I Will Finish It
So I got it back out and here it is.
The man was not finished, nor was the lady.
He was done to his hips and she was done to her waist.
I got his pants done and then his legs and feet.
I put a little bit of sand underneath
him so he was not floating anymore.
I did her skirt about halfway one night
and finished her skirt the next.
She was footless for about 2 days
but he held her up nicely!
I got her legs and feet done and they were both
standing. I gave her a little sand, too!
I did the ocean on her side and part of the beach.
I gave him some sand and
now they walk along the beach every day and night.
They must be "in love".
As you can see I have a lot more to do.
The ocean grasses will take a least two days!

Thanks for looking!


  1. that is so nice...I love the beach there's nothing better than wandering along the shoreline on a warm Summers evening.

  2. I just love this project :-) your work on it is wonderful. Def a pride of place on the wall. Glad you decided to finish it.

  3. I hate it when people do that. This is a beautiful pattern and your stitching lovely. Glad you decided to stitch a second.

  4. Wow, what a beautiful picture and project! You should be proud of this one!

  5. Thank you ladies for you works and encouragement. Your work is awesome I love going to your blogs they are all so different.
    God Bless ~
    Say a prayer for us.

  6. You got a lot done from your description of where you started! Since he wouldn't give it back to you, I hope he kept it and didn't get rid of it!