Monday, July 6, 2009

Cats, cats, cats and more . . .

This one is called "Mother Love" and I think the kittens face is priceless.
You can tell she is deeply loved by her mother. It isn't a very good picture I'll have to take another before I go to bed.
But first. . .

One short story. When I was a little girl growing up we lived by this lady who had a hundred, well maybe not a hundred, but when you are a kid it seems like that many.
She lived behind us and there was a vacant lot beside her house. She had so many cats there was always at least one litter of kittens around. I have always loved cats but my mom was a dog person.
So . . . I would go over to this ladies house and ask her if I could hold a kitten. She would say ~ oh, sure take your pick. So I would go get one and cuddle it up in my arms and just smell the sweet smell of a kitten. I loved the feel of the soft under belly fur. When it would yawn I could smell it's kitty breath. I loved it all! Mrs. Mc would let me come over when ever I wanted and hold her kittens. So for years I did just that probably until we sold that house and moved away.
So now you know why I got my first kitten when I moved away from home!!!
Here are some more cat stitches. Enjoy!!!

With this one I copied my roses out front of my house. I took a rose to the store and matched the DMC floss to the rose. I have done that with roses, and bluebonnets. You'd be surprised how many designers don't have a clue what colors flowers really are that they are copying. Most of them get the rainbow upside down too ~ oh, don't get me started!

This one has always reminded me of the way my dad used to smile. The eyes have always looked like his, too.
I didn't stitch the flowers but just put Harrison at the bottom.
It's one of my favorite things.

I think this one has a sweet face. She has her paw on a leaf.

I did a series of these cats by Harrison. The ears, eyes, nose, whiskers, and flowers are stitched but the face isn't. They all hang in my computer room.

Cats are my favorite pets. I have had a cat since I moved out of the house at 21. The very first thing I did was go get a cat from my sister's friend who had some kittens.
My very first cat looked sorta like this, a tabby, with black and grey stripes. He loved to smell flowers even as a kitten so I named him Poppy, after the flower. I know, not a very good name for a male cat, but he didn't care. I loved him to pieces.

This is a Stoney Creek pattern.

He also loved to squeeze himself into a tissue box and go to sleep. He was a good cat and I had him a long time. One summer we went on vacation and my brother was looking after him and he said he ran away. He never came home.
Good Night all ~
God Bless ~


  1. Sorry to hear about Poppy. I don't think it was a bad choice at all (it's one of my favorite flowers). My oldest son couldn't say patrick when they were young. So he called him Poppy. Pretty soon we all started to call him that,lol. Now we also call him Patch. He likes it much better than Pat.

  2. Hi Lenna, I have always loved cats. How I wished I lived next door to your lady who always had kittens to play with and love. I was lucky and my mum and dad always allowed me to have a cat. I have 5 now and I just love them to bits and always miss them when I am away from them.

  3. What beautiful kitty pieces...

    I think it is funny you say about Poppy laying in a tissue box. Our cat found one of my collindars (sp?)and insists it is his new bed.

  4. What beautiful cat stitching! Love them all.
    Have a great week x

  5. Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment on the Mary Wigham SAL. I stayed up almost all night,lol
    I was wondering how many would tell me I left out that heart in the yellow, lol I did that on purpose, No! I was going back and forth between the two motifs and just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. I love cats, I stitched one of them for my sister many years ago. I am glad I found your blog, now to go browse it some more.