Monday, July 20, 2009

Tris, my youngest son . . .

Is a pip!
This was taken at his going away party
at Morton's Steakhouse, in Dallas, where he worked.
He was off to attend George Washington University in D. C.
to get his Masters degree in Shakespearean acting.
This Sunday, July 26, 2009 he will be getting that degree and
I am lucky enough to attend.
I missed the four plays he was in but I am so happy
to get to attend this special ceremony.

He has a special talent and I have always known
he would make it big one day.

Remember that name ~ Tristan Edward Vaughan.
That day starts in California, very soon.
After his graduation, we will be driving to Dallas from D. C.
I decided I could spend some quality time with him if we drove back together.

So . . . Road Trip deluxe!!!

Am I crazy or what?
My daughter calls us Thelma and Louise.
My oldest son is probably involved in this, too, if the truth be told!
Or, he thought it up!
Not ever having seen the movie,
I know it ends badly, we will hope for the best.

I promise we will not be driving off any cliffs if I can help it.
And give up all that stitching time?

I don't THINK so!

So . . . all your prayers will be appreciated ~
one can never have too many prayers
I thank you for stopping by as usual.
Your comments are so welcome
and are the inspiration required to get through some days.
Again ~ thanks!
God Bless ~


  1. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime with your son(s). Have fun and enjoy every minute. Congrats on your DS' graduation!

  2. Hey, no "Thelma and Louise" anticts please!! Enjoy it lots!

  3. Thanks ladies your comments are so appreciated. You help me keep at it. Your needlework is such an inspiration.
    God Bless ~

  4. We will have a good trip. I just wish I could stitch in the car. I get car sick.
    Thanks for your sweet encouraging words and your awesome work. You are my inspiration.
    God Bless ~