Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Little Piece of England . . .

This is by far one of my very favorite stitched pieces!
I got this chart with the threads as a kit. I stitched it in 1984.

What I like about it so much is that some of it is done in just one thread. I have always stitched the one thread stitches in a complete cross stitch instead of a tent stitch.
It is still light but it doesn't distort the fabric.

I fell like the lightness of the stitches helps the bolder stitches show up better in the finished product.
There is supposed to be a companion piece to this English Cottage
but I have never been able to find it.

I took it to Florida when I moved there in 1989.
I changed the mats out and put Den glass on it.
Den glass is museum glass but it looks like there is nothing there.

When I started working in Waco at Frames Etc. I changed the mats again.
Finally, when I went to work at Hobby Lobby, in the frame shop, I put the green suede and coral mat on it, yet ~ again.
This one looks the best, I think, and I will keep it.
It has had this frame on it since I worked at Frames Etc. in 1993.
The mat actually matches the frame exactly.
It hangs in my bedroom straight in front of my bed and I look at it every night before I go to sleep.

Some days it just pays to get up in the morning
knowing you can create beautiful needlework
you can enjoy for so many years.

God Bless and keep you safe from harm.
Thanks for stopping by ~


  1. I love the picture and the framing definitely look wonderful with it. Looks very romantic.

    Thanks for the comment you left at my stitching blog about the snowmen.

  2. It's just lovely - so very English as you say!

    Love Viv (in England!)

  3. As I said I love this piece and your kind words help me keep on doing it. I love to cross stitch, who doesn't?
    I know some people who don't. But we won't mention any names.
    Your work is so beautiful, too. Thanks ~
    God Bless ~