Friday, July 10, 2009

Birthday Party

This is one of my favorite pictures of the Tibshreany's.
That is my daughter in the front by the high chair.
Elisha is in the high chair.
Darren, her husband, is next to the high chair,
holding Olivia.
Samuel has on the hat with his back turned to us.
Darren's mother, liz, is in the background
and Jens, Darren's dad, is in front except his head is cut off.
You can see his legs though.
The other two kids I don't know.
The greatest thing is Heather and family are in Frisco, Tx.
right now! I am going to see them Sat. morning, early!
I talked to Darren and Heather tonight and she almost fell
asleep while we were talking.
The jet lag is killing her. She has gotten up at 3 in the morning
for two nights and stayed up. They went swimming today and she
got sunburned. I guess her Mom didn't teach her well enough
to stay out of the bright sunlight!!! I tried but someone
wasn't listening!
It's great to have her home I just wish she could stay.
I also get to see my son and his family we are going
to have a ball. I am taking all the grandkids a balancing bird.
You hold it on your finger and it will balance there.
Hope they like them.
Reagan gets a squishy thing instead.
She is too little to balance anything that isn't food.
She loves to eat!
Tomorrow will be here soon I have to go pack.
Take care all my dear friends and God Bless ~


  1. Thank you I am going to try.
    Thanks for your much appreciated kind words of encouragement. I can stitch because I love it so much but it is nice to have someone look who knows what it is all about.
    God Bless ~