Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Under the Prairie Moon, Halloween, Cat Lessons for People and Time for God . . .

This last piece is a SAL I joined ~ stitched with silk threads.
I had not used silk threads for a very long time.

When I worked in the frame shop
I handled so much paper that my hands
got ruff. Those ruff places pick up
the threads and they get tangled.

So, I had to use some kind of lotion.
I found one that is for stitchers called
Stitcher's Mantel
and it puts
a film, non greasy, to smooth
out those ruff places and help heal them.
It does not affect the threads or fabric.

It really does work.
So I tackled this piece.

It's a Little House Needleworks, one of my
favorites. and I have the house all done now.

I guess my next chore is putting all my stitching
back in order again.

I also do cards and I was busy at Easter
doing all my cutting, stamping, and embossing for
the 50 I was going to make for the people
at the store and my mom fell and had
to go to the hospital.
She has had a bad year so far and she
is no spring chicken.

She is all healed from that fall but it takes
it's toll. She is 94 and she doesn't
bounce back anymore.
So, I put my cards up and maybe next year.
I have about 20 Easter stamps and that part
is done, at least!!!

I have got to get this all straightened out ~
it drives me crazy.

Maybe when it gets a little
cooler. If we could get some rain it would help.

Happy Halloween, my favorite Holiday, must be the witch in me.

No, not literally!!!

I got the threads, fabric and patterns for this one,
it's a Lizzie Kate pattern at retreat this year.

I saw it on line and fell in love with it.

I finally decided to get this piece of fabric called ~

I can't find the name of it.
Of course!!!

So we will call
it the
"no name fabric"
for now.

It is a very pretty light tan, 28ct, my favorite,
with swirls of red, blue and
gold over dyed in it.
I had to get the 1/2 yd cut
cause it is a very long pattern.
So, I do have a big piece left.

I got most of the pumpkin done!!!


I do need to get back to this soon,
cause I want it done for Halloween.

My sister went to retreat this year and
as usual, we had a blast.

This is her third year.

We finally
get to do something together.
I talked to her about it for
years before she finally joined me.

I love going to Summer's Mill.
It is quiet and gorgeous, it was cool, the
food was to die for and there is
a beautiful little Chapel they built
about 3 years ago.

This is the place I would pick
to get married,
if I ever got married again.
Besides it has a short aisle so it makes
the walk alone much easier.

The setting is so quiet, so peaceful and soooooo gorgeous.

The Chapel isn't too shabby either!

This is my 8th year of going
to the retreat and I look forward to it
every year.
It's sad when it comes to an end!
But then
this too shall pass.

I found a pattern on the trash
table, at retreat,
I am for sure going to do that says just that!

Here's my pumpkin!!!

This is my next start, oh trust me, I have a bunch of starts!
I decided this year I would work on some of
my older starts so I set up a rotation.

I was going gang busters then
life happened and well you all know how that is!!!

Sorry, I digress ~

This piece is called Cat Lessons for People ~
Lizzie Kate.

You all know I love cats so I decided last year
to get this pattern, fabric and overdyed
threads and get busy on it.

However . . . I didn't get busy on it.

I started it
when I got back from retreat in April.

This is my progress in two days.

I had forgotten what ever you put in first
becomes the last thing in the process.

SO . . .

Good Morning All !!!

It has been forever since I have done
this so bare with me.
Seems like I have forgotten

I did this piece for my mom for her birthday
last year.

Her physical therapist saw the finished
framed piece and fell in love with it.
So . . . being the fast stitcher that I am
I whipped one up for her.

Her name is Mary and she is very sweet
to my mom and mom loves her.
So it was a labor of love on my part!!!

Now I just have to stretch it and
get it framed.

I used to be able to put up more than one design
at a time but it isn't working.
Looks like it is time to throw this putter out
the window again. But alas, there is a gecko
on the window screen so I won't.
Maybe next time.

Well, thanks for stopping by and giving me a look.
I appreicate it ~ leave a comment if you can
I do love them so . . . It does help!

God Bless your stitching fingers and take care ~

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  1. You have some lovely stitches on the go Lenna.
    How lucky to spend some quality time with your sister. It is nice that you enjoy the same hobby.