Monday, June 27, 2011

My Pride and Joy . . . Tristan

This is my son, Tristan, one of my Joys in life.

He has been ill ~
but he is working very hard
to get better.

I went to his FB page and there
is a picture of him playing with,
Pearl, the poodle, who belongs
to his wife.
She is a very neat dog and she loves
her many tennis balls and
her two masters.
It made my heart sing to see him looking
so much better than I thought he would look.

He is a sweet, gentle, nice man who is so
grateful for all the prayers he has received
from strangers.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all
of my stitching friends who have offered up
a prayer or chant for his complete recovery.

Prayer does help, I know, and it is so appreciated
by all of my family.

Tristan, we all want you to know that we love you
very much,
love your sense of humor and
can't even begin to imagine a world without
you in it.

Your constant laughter is something
that is such a part of our lives.

Your brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law
and nieces and nephews
feel the same way.
They love their Uncle Tristan so much.

Magoo, has also been praying for you.

Please, do what the doctors say, EAT and
get well soon.

I also want to thank his wife, Morgan, for all
she has been to him, for loving him so much
and for being there to keep him safe.

Thanks so much Sweetheart ~
You are the
best woman he could have ever married.

Hope to see you soon on your turf!!!
The SEA!!! YEA!!!

God Bless your stitching fingers all . . .

Thanks for dropping by ~


  1. Glad Tristan is doing better.

    I will soon have a new grandson named Tristen (how they will spell it)Andrew come later October early November.

  2. That is Great!!! Nothing like having grandchildren. They are so much fun.
    His real name is Tristram which I got out of the book, The Black Rose. He is going to be an actor so he has made it Tristan. What can you do, it's his life.
    Thanks for your kind words.
    God Bless ~

  3. i am so happy that tristan is doing better..
    lots of love and hugs for you dear..
    keep well