Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Autumn Angel, Christmas Angel and 40 Days Angel, Noah's Ark . . .

The first one up is the Autumn Angel.

She was done with the colors called
for in the Fancy That pattern.
I stitched all of them in 1997,
a long time ago.

I used a linen fabric, probably,
28 count ~ you think?

I put orange sparkles in her wings,
in her garden of corn stalks and
a pumpkin.

Her body is a bird house
and there is a fence
at the bottom which the crow is
perched upon.

He lives in the mailbox
that serves as his house
with the word Crow
on the side.

The flag is up!!!

She has a star on her halo
and a bee that does glow in
the dark ~ on the vine.
She also has little pumpkins
on her slippers.

The second one is a Christmas Angel.

She was stitched on a very light green
linen fabric, 28 count.

I used the threads called for in the pattern
and added a sparkly thread in white
for the wings.

There are lights in her halo and
button light bulbs
in her wreath
with a huge red bow on the top.

She is surrounded by packages
and flanked by a Christmas tree.
She has big stars on her slippers.

And last is the Noah's Ark Angel.

She is stitched on a grey blue
linen fabric with the over dyed
threads called for
in the pattern.

She has sparkles in her wings,
there is a half moon, sun and star
that also has sparkles.

She has a bird on her halo and
a vast a ray of stars, and a bird
surrounding her body.

There is also a little, big, fish
peeking out of the waves.

For embellishment's she has
a cool turtle
and fish button
I found somewhere, that
makes it look 3D.

She is bravely standing in the waves ~
while over her head it says ~

40 days and 40 nights!!!

I remember back to 1997,
I had such a blast
stitching these three Angels,
one after the other.

I worked at Frames Etc. then and
I framed them all there.

The Noah's Ark one has a floated
look and the mat board is covering
the floated substrate.

It creates dimension and protects the
glass from being broken by the buttons.

If you don't raise the glass above
any hard object, ie button,
shell, or rock the pressure caused
by the object will eventually
break the glass.

Your Welcome!!!

The turtle is also a bit larger than
the rest of the buttons so I
needed to raise the
glass above the picture.

As usual, thanks for looking at the craft I
dearly love.

Your comments are always welcome!!!
God Bless your Stitching fingers . . .


  1. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..i love them so much..all of them..they are all so much me.i love them sooooooooooooooooooooooo much..lovely stitching..well done dear ..xx

  2. Oh those angels are just too cute! I can't decide which one I like better so I'll say I like all of them!

  3. Love the way your angels look! And you've written even a story about each, wow!! Happy stitching :)