Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cat on A Wire. . .

You, truly haven't lived until you had a
cat that would hang
on a wire,
if she only could.

This was my cat Knee ~ Hi.
She was
my cat and she was nuts!!!

No joke, she did some strange
things in her 12 year life.

I have a stamp that looks just like
this cross stitch.
When my vet wrote me a note, after she
died, I stamped him a card just like this
cross stitch and sent it to him.

He loved it!

Nice man and he loved my little Knee ~ Hi.

He went to Texas A&M and donated a large
sum of money in her name to further
research in Animal Husbandry.
It was such
a sweet jester that it made me cry.
I was
truly touched by his kind thought.

I think he was very saddened that we lost
the fight with cancer and could not save her.
I know I was!

So I am here to dedicate this cross stitch
to my Sweet Knee ~ Hi!!!
I miss you.
I just have a small amount to do to finish it.
I will get right on that!

Thanks for stopping by to say Hi and look at my work.
If you can, please leave a comment I enjoy reading them
so much.
Take care of you stitching fingers and God Bless ~


  1. hello dear, i really love your blog..and kitty is coming along so lovely..once my cay did exactly like that..she was hanging on the line..lol..she is so naughty and always nuts too..i love her..she is my stitching buddy too..
    lots of love and hugs for you dear..cucki x

  2. Lovely blog. I specially love this cat. Also i love all the things you have written. :)
    Ama from MSCS group