Friday, October 14, 2011

Jenny Bean Halloween . . .

This is the one that has the leaves in it.
Story down below when
will I ever get this straight?

Good Evening My Stitcting Friends!

I am glad to report that I measured
Jenny Bean Halloween
and it looks like the frog,

Did not stop here again!!!

I am so thrilled cause if I had to
take out the side leaves
I don't have enough thread to
put it back in without going
to another dye lot.

Oh, well I can work on it again soon,
but now I am working on a
piece that my sister wants me
to stitch since I am retired!!!

It's for her friend and I have
finally got some of the verse
It all has to be counted and you know
the rule count twice, stitch once.

Some retirement!!!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.
I appreciate it so much.

God Bless Your stitching fingers ~


  1. oh bless .. that's cause you've got more time to stitch apparently and glad to hear the frog has gone too ;0 love mouse xxxx

  2. so happy to hear that mr.froggie is gone now..your stitching is really looking so lovely..i love it so much..keep well and have a lovely weekend xxx

  3. Hi Lenna, I've just awarded you a Liebster Blog Award! Check out my post here for further info: Congratulations and have fun. Love, Jan