Sunday, January 3, 2010

O Christmas Tree and Fa La La . . .

O' Christmas tree thy candles shine so brightly!

What a hoot this one has been to stitch!!!
I have really enjoyed it.
Why are some so much fun and others
are just a chore?

I got my second part in the mail today.
I will get the owl done
and wait for the third
part to get here.

Sew on the beads and Viola it will be done.
Just in time for next Christmas.
Maybe I can get it framed by next year.

This is my start on the Ornament SAL
and this is the first installment.
So . . . tomorrow I will work
on this one again.

It shouldn't take to long to finish.

Here's hoping!!!

Thanks for looking and leaving your
encouraging comments.
I appreciate them so much.

God Bless ~


  1. You're making great progress, Lenna! Yes, some things are so fun and others are just a pain. The painful ones end up in the ever growing WIP pile!

  2. Both your WIP's look great. I know how stitching can be sometimes with some being fun and others being a bore. I stitch on the boring pieces a little bit and then put them down. I eventually get through them.

  3. Both of your wip's look great but I really like the colors in O Christmas Tree. Cool blog btw :o)

  4. They look great! I need to get back into making some ornaments.

  5. Both your projects looks great! Can't wait to see how Oh Christmas tree will look like.